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free-consultationCreative Roots is offers courses and coaching for educators, parents and other professionals who work with kids.  Join us as we look at some of the essential elements of current educational practices and policies which influence our educational practices today.  Learn about current research, and leave with practical ideas to take back to your classroom.  Register here.


Special Needs:  Collaboration and Communication with Parents and Professionals

September 20 9am-4:30pm

Learn how to create teams which support students in their learning.  Effective communication supports a collaborative model where parents, professionals and students can work together to achieve success and life-long learning.

Creative Roots, 2661 NW Thurman Street, Portland OR

$85 non-credit, contact for PSU credit

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Differentiated Instruction and the Common Core

September 27 9am-4:30pm

Learn ways to teach common core standards while still meeting the individual needs of children and considering diversity in the classroom.

Creative Roots, 2661 NW Thurman Street, Portland OR

$85 non-credit, contact for PSU credit

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Beyond Learning Styles and Diagnoses:  Effective Learning Strategies for Teaching Children

October 25, 2014, 9am-4:30pm

Learn about the limitations of labels and protocols, and how educators and administrators can implement effective learning strategies to meet the needs of kids.

Creative Roots, 2661 NW Thurman Street, Portland OR

$85 non-credit, contact for PSU credit

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Mindfulness for Educators and School Staff 

PSU COUN 10427

November 15-16, 2104 – Saturday 12-4:30 and Sunday 10am-3:30

Creative Roots, 2661 NW Thurman Street, Portland

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Course Description - Learn about the philosophies of mindfulness and the benefits of social-emotional learning for teachers, students and school communities. Learn about the latest research in Interpersonal Neurobiology and Somatics, mindfulness and yoga practices. Read and examine new mindfulness-based curriculum. Experience personal stress reduction and leave with tools to develop a personal practice which you can bring to the classroom.  To see the course listing on the PSU website, click here.

About the Instructor - A professional educator, certified life coach and registered yoga instructor, Monique Terner received her BS in Anthropology and Philosophy from Boston University, and a dual M.Ed. in Education and Teaching Through the Arts, with an emphasis on inclusive education, from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She offers her clients and students over 20 years of experience working with children, parents and educators in public schools, private schools and alternative educational settings.  Monique is the owner and founder of Creative Roots, a creative learning center in NW Portland. She is a certified Yoga Calm® instructor and Academic Life Coach®.  Monique has studied Interpersonal Neurobiology with Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Bonnie Badenoch, and Somatics with Mandy Blake. Monique’s work brings opportunities for children and adults to experience the health and personal wellness benefits of yoga and mindfulness.


Upcoming Offerings:

Beyond the Common Core:  Teaching For Connection:  In our current information-based culture, people are looking for more connection.  While our ability to find information has improved, our opportunities to form connections have decreased.  Find ways to help your students connect with the information they are learning, connect new ideas, and connect with each other.  Find ways to stay connected to your love of teaching while managing external pressures of deadlines, requests from colleagues and parents, student needs, and personal commitments.  While learning about latest research in brain science, you will kids 3explore ways to:

• Reduce stress
• Teach more effectively
• Integrate requirements, such as testing and Common Core, into your daily routine and focus on your students’ individual needs
• Maintain your own personal health
• Address the social and emotional needs of your students, as well as your own
1-hr sessions for six weeks:  Wednesdays June 18-July 23 from 4pm-5pm PST, calls are recorded for your convenience
Perception:  How We Experience Life Influences How We Learn: Explore beyond diagnoses, learning styles and protocols to learn how to address some of the different ways children and adults perceive the world.  Based on research about Multiple Intelligences, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Somatics, this class will apply current findings to educational practices and help you expand beyond labels and categories, to increase your own understanding of how individuals learn.
1-hr sessions for six weeks:  Tuesdays June 24-July 22 from 3pm-4pm PST, calls are recorded for your convenience
Creativity:  New Pathways to Learning:  When faced with challenges, we all develop habits and automatically rely on strategies which we may have developed in our childhood.  Learn about how creativity helps us manage difficult challenges in the classroom, at school, at home and in our own personal lives, by opening up new ways of thinking.  Learn how experiences with creativity, art, music, movement, dance, yoga, personal relationships, and more modalities actually change the way our brain is wired and allow us new opportunities to problem solve, reduce stress, improve relationships and approach our work with a renewed sense of wonder.
1-hr sessions for six weeks:  Wednesdays July 29-September 2 from 4pm-5pm PST, calls are recorded for your convenience
Online Coaching for Educatorsparent-coaching
Individual coaching sessions online with Monique.  Five-week coaching session to help you identify one or two challenges which you face as an educator and develop an action plan for change.  Increase your own personal self-awareness and learn about what keeps you from moving closer to reaching your personal and professional goals.  Each session will include assistance with developing a mindfulness-based practice to help you stay focused on your goals and establish a long-term plan for personal wellbeing.  Free 30-minute initial appointment to help you identify goals you would like to work on and determine if coaching with us is a good fit for you.


Click here for more information about our new Training Program:  The Heart of Learning.